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This is not a resume, LinkedIn does that better. This is not a folio either, like cake they're best shared with coffee. (Let me know if you’re interested, my shout.)

This is a full disclosure of all my dodgy habits and dubious work practices.

I like to talk with my hands.

I really like to stand up when I talk. Add a whiteboard marker for best results.

¿ I ask a lot of questions ?

I can’t remember by rote, I can’t understand the surface without knowing what’s underneath.

Some people get it that I’m not challenging them (like a five year old who doesn’t want to go to bed,) but some people hate it...

I like code.

It started off innocently enough.

Just a bit of Dreamweaver, you know how it is. Even a little (cough) Flash. All the junk tags build up, and it doesn’t really work, so you start tinkering under the hood. You swear you’ll never touch script.

Then you install a bare bones code editor like Brackets, and promise you’ll never touch php. I’ve got a local server running and my php is a bit rough, but I know what’s next.

Version and branching with something like Git, and a CSS preprocessor. Bring it on.

I like big text...

...and I cannot lie.

I like a really steep type hierarchy, and try to sneak honkin' big headers into my projects. What’s the point of beautifully designed typefaces if they’re too small to see?

I draw stuff that might offend some people.


  • I drum on the desk while listening with headphones
  • I like some dodgy music (Taylor Swift anyone?!)
  • I don't like felt tip pens, give me a Bic biro any day
  • I'm one of those annoying people who hasn't seen the movie but has read the book
  • I may even have read the comic...
  • I sneeze in blocks of seven

Not too scary?

Drop me a line or give me a call 0423 631 019

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